Where are all the black creatives?

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Where are all the black creatives? -Every black design student ever
editor's letter
“Where are all the black creatives?” is the result of my frustration after taking multiple history and design classes where I felt non-white creatives were being ignored and/or overlooked. When I asked about the lack of black, designers, illustrators, etc. the answers were mostly the same.

No one knew why or where to get the information.

I am over accepting this answer and the fact that I, nor most of my peers, could name a black graphic designer except for Emory Douglas. I also couldn’t see myself working in the design field because I wasn’t seeing other black people doing so. I‘m  tired of feeling “other” in a field so well known for helping bring people together.

This publication is for those who care and want to learn as well as those who will read and and start conversations. Created after hours of research, interviews, and conversations, I struggled a lot and sadly didn’t find as much information on everyone like I wanted, but thanks to the knowledge of AIGA, Glenford laughton, the wonderful interview participants, and a few others I am able to present to you this publication full of various black creatives and their work. I hope some learn something new, reach out, and bring these folks as well as others into their spaces and that others of you feel validated, inspired, and that you belong. Please share it, talk to others about, talk to me about it if you want. I want to start talking about solutions and acting upon them instead of continuing talks of the problem. Help me to do that and my promise to you is this: I will continue towards my degree in Graphic Design and I will get it. I will work in this field and be my true self, and I will one day give back to help the next generation.

Thank you.