plenty ad campaign

art direction
I had the opportunity to take an Art Direction workshop with Elizabeth (Lizzy) Sonenfeld. In small teams we were tasked to brief, direct, and style a narrative-driven product lay down photoshoot. We worked directly with a professional commercial photographer in their studio, and each team member received time to individually prep, style, and direct during the shoot. The end result was a collaborative final photo and individual gifs for the ad campaign.
  • Art Direction:
    Deidra J. McKnight (DJ)
    Kaela Ingle
    Clarissa Fredericks-Wright
When Plenty was first founded the goal was to create sustainable lab grown produce that was organic, affordable, and most of all delicious. Lab grown produce may sound scary but this technology has allowed us to grow forty plants in the same amount of space that a single plant may have needed and in doing so deliver produce at its ripest. With the growth of our company we’re finally able to begin concentrating on areas most in need of our produce: food deserts.

Food deserts are all around us and happen most often in impoverished areas where people have minimal access to transportation, grocery stores, and healthy food providers. Plenty now has the resources to deliver our produce to the people who need it most without costing an arm and a leg. Indoor farming allows us to feed the world regardless of climate, and in Spring 2019 that is exactly what we are going to do.
No Food? We got Plenty!

Organic produce shouldn’t be a luxury item that you have to hunt around for and at Plenty we bring it straight to you.  From cityscapes to countrysides,  millions of people are affected by and living in food deserts and are incapable of accessing fresh, organic produce. Plenty may seem like a mirage but we promise were real.
  • Audience: People living in food deserts
  • Project: Plenty ad campaign